Now over a decade old, our company have proudly completed more than 1000+ projects for our clients. Along the way, we have evolved from research, foresight and design to a new era of Nanohabits™.

Back in the day, 15/30 was purely about market research. We understood quickly that this was not the company we wanted to be: market research is, ultimately, about things which have already happened. We wanted to look forward rather, so we gathered new tools for insight and foresight. This was the first big step; the first major transformation.

There is no shortage of information in the world. Quite the opposite, actually. There was a need to take things further if we really wanted to make a difference. So, we brought to the fore conceptualisation and service design. With the best research, deepest insight, best-designed information, and highest-quality service design, we started to become a more desirable us. But still, it wasn't quite enough.

Our clients wanted to be future-proofed, and this meant continuous learning and rapid change. They already had insight and they already had concepts. However, the majority of their meaningful changes were still failing. Even though our clients were very happy with the insight and concepts we had co-created, we had a nagging feeling that there must be something that we were lacking. We seldom saw rapid positive change in the reality we thought we had planned with our clients.  

We started scrutinising the issue and quickly discovered that failure rates of large-scale change programs has been estimated to be as high as 70 percent. We were able to identify 15 main reasons why plans do not turn into reality. The most important reasons for failure were very practical like focusing on talking and planning rather than doing and that the capacity is overlooked - people are too busy with their daily work. 

We knew that we had really found something notable. This was the Big Challenge we had been looking for. When scoping around, we could see that countless individuals, organisations and even nations all struggled with the same issues: They had all the information they needed but they couldn't change their behaviour. We realised that what we do every day matters more than what we do once in a while. We found out that we almost 50 % of our daily actions are repeated from day to day and those actions are born without any deliberate design. It was then that we understood what must be done. Taking control of these daily actions and implementing researched, designed and tested nano-actions could generate results that were missing. Nanohabits™ was born.


We have been privileged to work with these great companies: Aikakausmedia, Aller, Alma Media, Amgen, Barona, Digita, Elisa, Etera, Fingrid, GSK, Hakonen Solutions, Hartwall, Helsinki Business College, HSL, HOAS, ISS, Kampin kauppakeskus, Kesko, Lujatalo, LähiTapiola, Markkinointi-instituutti, MTV3, Nooa Säästöpankki, Paulig, Posti, Sanoma, Sanomalehtien Liitto, Sodexo, SOK, SRV, Suomalaisen työn liitto, Tallink-Silja, Tikkurila, Unilever, UPM, VVO and some other cool organizations.