10 minutes per day can solve many of your professional and organizational challenges


Nanohabits ™ - the daily nanoactions


Nanoactions are small, yet incredibly impactful behaviours that propel you from average to exceptional.

Repetitive actions are an incredibly powerful part of our lives. Almost 50 % of everything we do on a daily basis is driven by our habits. Taking control of these behaviours and implementing researched, designed and tested nano-actions provide drive and generates results that cannot be achieved through other means.

Our approach is based on researching, designing and co-creating the small daily habits and decisions that may feel relatively innocuous on their own, but over time enforce a tremendous impact on agility, effectiveness and success. Even a commitment as small as 5-10 minutes per day is sufficient enough to produce significant results in the long run.


What can you gain?

Excellence through designed actions

A lot of our behaviour is subconscious, and these actions affect our lives without us noticing it. With Nanohabits™ you hack your behaviours and ensure that every actions benefits you. You will advance towards being an excellen professional and individual, one action at a time.

Power of action

When planning new ideas, procedures or cultures often there is a lack of real action proceeds heavy planning. People become critical and dispirited. With Nanohabits™ you will focus on actions rather than planning. The actions will be easy to understand, ready to be implemented, justified and inspiring.

Commitment of 10 minutes per day

Many change processes are so fundamental they require a lot of time and effort from you. With Nanohabits™ a daily action takes a few seconds to a few minutes to do. Moreover, you don't have to find time to schedule long meetings with your colleagues to all strive towards your larger goal.

Personalized actions

Employees can resent change and feel demotivated when actions and routines are imposed from the them. However, with Nanohabits™ you and your colleagues select and create your own nanoactions, the actions that inspire you and strengthen you as a professional.

Winning Habits

Understanding which actions and habits to enhance or add can be daunting. With Nanohabits™ you will get sets of tested and research habits from successful leaders, professionals and masterminds. You can start implementing them right away or use them as inspiration for personalised nanoactions.

Habits that stick

Turning an action into a habit can be challenging. That is why Nanohabits™ supports you with the implementation. The Nanohabits™ model helps you set the right cues, rewards and ways to keep you accountable to self and others. You will build the structure that anchors your actions and turn them into routines.

Long-term effects

The number of actions and decisions made daily by any professional and organisation is so high that even the small changes quickly accumulate to visible results. Imagine, that you move the rudder of a ship by 0,5 degrees towards your goat. Over a short distance you would barely notice the tiny change but after hundreds of kilometres the change is evident.


Nanohabits™ Model


The Nanohabits™ model is designed to make understanding and implementation of nanoactions smooth, fun and rewarding. It consists of three key components - core habits, nanoactions and habits loop.

Core habits
In almost every profession and work role, the most important core habits are well researched and known. For example, in effective execution, the 4 core habits are: creating clear focus, acting on lead measures, keeping a visible scoreboard and creating a cadence of accountability. The Nanohabits™ framework makes sure that your actions are in balance.

While the core habits are usually known, the related daily actions are usually born subconsciously, without any research or design. There are multiple ways to execute the core habits, some of which are highly effective whilst others are outright bad. Nanohabits™ provides you with researched and deliberately designed nanoactions to execute the core habits. For example, a nanoaction of setting one to three goals to achieve by the end of the workday will boost your execution rate.

Nanohabits™ loop
Embedding nanoactions into daily life can be challenging. Nanohabts™ model supports you through the adaptation process with carefully designed cues, rewards and accountability loops. For example, a daily stand-up meeting with even one colleague will motivate you to clearly define daily goals and achieve them to feel self-fulfilled.