The Nanohabit Sprint is the crown jewel of Nanohabit services. When you know the KPIs you would like to improve and the behaviours which you would like to see in your team, the Nanohabit Sprint provides a fool-proof method to anchor the needed actions into the everyday life of your team members.

Just a handful of meticulously designed and firmly anchored Nanohabits are enough to create a big impact on performance, thanks to the high frequency of habits within everyday work. The ripple effect of certain habits can multiply the benefits of minor changes, and with the added benefit that people seldom analyse or consciously design their habits, it reveals new potential. In Nanohabit Sprints, it is common to see improvements of several percentages within sales (in euros/dollars) or within customer service measures. Work satisfaction and drive usually follow suit, since our change programs are individually inspiring and eye opening. Please enquire for more detailed case references, related to your interests or needs.



A plethora of existing team and individual habits, are unearthed and understood.

Team members get to develop habits that help them personally both within work as well as outside of it.

People’s satisfaction grows when plotting clearer steps for developing their own habits, and increases through improved team spirit.

4. 5-10 MINS PER DAY
A small daily commitment is sufficient enough to produce significant results in the long run.

Nanohabits™ deliver quick wins but the bigger payoff happens through a mindset switch which they trigger.

Nanohabits™ offer stronger concreteness, and a simple method for verifying even complex results.

Unique to consultancy and training worldwide, the Nanohabit Sprint combines scientific understanding, extreme concreteness and self-discovery with powerful outcomes. The entire process connects the core components of habit development, to initiate big changes stemming from small adjustments.

We start off by helping you set carefully designated, measurable goals which provide both inspiration and clarity. Then we scan your current situation through self observation and external support; including the positive and suboptimal habits tied to the goal.

Next we help our participants design, and re-sculpt their new habits to fit effortlessly into their everyday routines

Finally, we build accountability and track their everyday impact and activity, providing intervention when the habits are not having the desired effect.

By tackling the deep-set existing habits, emotional hurdles and strongly desired changes, we have helped countless individuals and teams to already find new levels of quality in their work and personal lives. Join the thousands of individuals who have already taken part in Nanohabits™ Sprint journeys.

Some concrete challenges that are commonly tackled with Nanohabits™: 

  • Customer experience. The customer service we provide is not where is should or could be.

  • Feeling of overload. There is a constant feeling of overload. There is too much work to get done.

  • New skills and competences. There is a risk that our team falls behind in competences and skills.

  • Culture. Our culture doesn't support the growth in its various forms.

  • Performance. There is poor performance in our team.

  • Missing targets. We are constantly struggling in achieving our sales or other target.

  • Implementation. We have lots of ideas but we are unable to implement them quickly.

  • Strategy. We have difficulties to turn our strategy into concrete actions.