Successful Sales Action Set

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Successful Sales

Forget how forward thinking or progressive your organization is, because regardless of how cutting edge your technological expertise may be, or how streamlined your procurement and logistics processes are, the fact remains; without calculated and successful sales practices, everything else is useless. 

The individual needs of clients may be hyperactive, and technology may be advancing at an unparalleled rate, but the disciplines which help sellers to keep up are formed under more controlled conditions. We have identified the core demands of the present day and future sales expert, and condensed them into daily actions which will help you form valuable habits.

What's in the Successful Sales set?

  • Descriptions of the 4 core habits of successful sales;

  • 20+ carefully designed winning nano-actions ready to be implemented; 

  • Instructions to turn the selected nano-actions into daily habits;

  • Variations of potential visual cue sets;

  • Variations of potential reward sets;

  • Variation of accountability schemes.

How can I engage with the set?

We provide Successful Sales set through one of our Nanohabits™ design processes. You get to understand core habits of Successful Sales, develop own habits, cues, rewards and accountability loops.

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