Nanohabit™ The Hackers Handbook


COMING SOON: Nanohabits™ - The Hackers Handbook

Nanohabits™ are emotional and behavioural shortcuts that guide you through complex environments, such as your professional and personal life. They are carefully crafted and cleverly coded into the flow of your everyday life. They are small, yet incredibly impactful behaviours that propel you from average to exceptional. 

Nanohabits™ - The Hackers Handbook helps you to understand what Nanohabits™ are all about and why they are so powerful.  Secondly, the methods introduced in the book help you to design your own Nanohabits™, and then successfully implement them. 

The contents include: 

  • THE THEORY. The power of repetitive nanoscale behaviours, criteria for Nanohabits™, the habit loop, cues and rewards, 10 Nanohabit™ rules, etc.  
  • EXAMPLES, IDEAS AND INSPIRATION. Habits inspired by exceptional individuals and famous 
  • organisations, habits for increasing efficiency, habits for leading teams, habit ideas for good life, etc.   
  • TEMPLATES FOR CREATING NANOHABITS™. 5 phases of Nanohabit™ formation, defining your goals, identifying your habits, designing new Nanohabits™, tracking habits, etc. 
  • THE NOTEBOOK. 100 pages for your own notes. 

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