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Successful Sales

Forget how forward thinking or progressive your organisation is, because regardless of how cutting edge your technological expertise may be, or how streamlined your procurement and logistics processes are, the fact remains; without calculated and successful sales practices, everything else is useless.

Ease of access to data and mass information hysteria is heaping pressure or companies not just to wow clients, but to create viable solutions to ever-changing industry needs. We are seeing more and more companies investing into long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with their providers; investing into strategies rather than products. Reps are helping rather than selling and asking instead of telling.

Authenticity of expertise and empathy is displacing pre-scripted sales spiel. This requires sales experts to develop long-lasting individual competencies and behavioural practices, in the same vein in which companies are investing into long-term partnerships.

The individual needs of clients may be hyperactive, and technology may be advancing at an unparalleled rate, but the disciplines which help sellers to keep up are formed under more controlled conditions. We have identified the core demands of the present day and future sales expert, and condensed them into daily actions which will help you form valuable habits.

Core Habits of Successful Sellers

Successful sales stems from 4 omnipresent disciplines:

  1. Building Trust
  2. Establishing Needs
  3. Presenting Solutions
  4. Confirming Value

Inspired by the work of Sales gurus such as Jill Konrath, Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler, these four core habits have been proven to help companies lead the way with ever-changing sales demands.


Building Trust

The first core component of successful selling is to help your clients build a high level of trust in you as a solution to ever developing needs. This comes not through the sales offering itself, as a practical solution, but through dynamic CRM. Forewarnings and industry insights are virtual handshakes.

Consultancy of deepened knowledge and contextual creativity is the game changer for vendors in a marketplace where the homogeneity of services and products leaves the salespersons themselves as the distinguishable difference.

It is best to understand before you try to be understood.