Effective Execution Action Set

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Effective Execution

Execution excellence is the ultimate competitive differential of this decade and the very core competency of an effective leader. 

Due to technological development, price reductions in factors of production and universal access to information, creating almost anything is becoming theoretically possible. But most good ideas and plans never actualize in reality. Why? The trouble lies in the execution. Agile, fast and efficient implementation can be extremely hard in practise. However, there are tested and highly effective habits you can take advantage of starting today.

We and countless others have studied deeply on the effective execution and defined its core habits. We have distilled the information into impactful nano-actions that you can incorporate into your daily life to become a master of execution. 

What's in the Successful Sales set?

  • Descriptions of the 4 core habits of execution excellence;

  • 20+ carefully designed winning nano-actions ready to be implemented;

  • Instructions to turn the selected nano-actions into daily habits;

  • Variations of potential visual cue sets;

  • Variations of potential reward sets;

  • Variation of accountability schemes.

We provide Successful Sales set through one of our Nanohabits™ design processes. You get to understand core habits of Successful Sales, develop own habits, cues, rewards and accountability schemes.

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