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A Typical Journey

A typical journey with the Nanohabits™ projects consists of 9 phases described below.

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Phase 1: Nanohabits™ 101

You will start your change process with Nanohabits™ with a short introductory workshop. You will discover the theory behind Nanohabits™, set goals and learn the first nanoactions.

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Phase 2: Understanding Existing HABITS

After the workshop we will study how you and your colleagues work to understanding existing office habits are. We will scrutinize the habits: the destructive, neutral, value-adding and especially, non-existent ones. You’ll hear about them in a short presentation.


Phase 3: Winning Nano Actions as inspiration

You will get to discover some of the winning habits and nanoactions of the best leaders.

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Phase 4: Creating personalised Nanoactions

In a workshop setting you and your colleagues, with the help of our experts, will design personal Nanohabits™.

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Phase 5: Personalising cues and rewards

Moreover, you get to design your own support system. Together we will make sure you have the right cues, rewards and accountability schemes in place.

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Phase 6: Testing & adjusting for perfect fit

The you will test your habits for two weeks. Even the best Nanohabits™ might need some adjustment to ensure that they are just perfect for you and your context.


Phase 7: Launching the Nanoactions

After the test period we’ll launch the Nanohabit™ implementation together. Our digital tools will assist you following progress and highlighting the achievements of the whole team.

Moreover, you will get an opportunity to become a habits coach for your organizations through our special training programme.

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Phase 8: Keeping track & monitoring success

You will get support and assistance from our experts throughout the first 6 months.


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Feeling long-term results

In a few months you will feel the true impact of the Nanohabits™.