Nanohabit™ Challenge


What is Nanohabit™ Challenge?

Nanohabits™ are researched and carefully designed habits that may feel relatively innocuous on their own, but over time enforce a tremendous positive impact on our daily life and work.  Nanohabit™ Challenge is a bite-sized journey to creating these winning habits.

In this Nanohabit™ Challenge, there are three journeys to choose from: 

  • Achievement Journey deals with "hard professional capabilities" like how you get things done, create impact and stay focused. 
  • Impact Through Others Journey. Our time is limited and there’s so much to do! The only option is to partly create impact through others. In this journey we figure out how to to invite other people to help us. 
  • Great Company Culture Journey. We spend so much time at work that it’s a necessity to have a trusting, safe and innovative working environment. Great company culture starts with a few determined, driven and committed employees, like yourself.

The current Nanohabit Challenge™ lasts from 2-3 weeks depending on the topic you choose. Our habit trainer Markus Keränen will guide you along the way. We communicate mainly via email and sms but you also have the possibility to receive one personal consultation calls from our habit trainers if you wish so. 

This Nanohabit™ Challenge is free and open for the first 100 participants. You may wonder why we offer something like this for free. This is because we are piloting our services. Our reward is the learning if you decide to give us some feedback at the end of the journey.


Select your journey 


In this Nanohabit™ Challenge, there are three journeys to choose from: Achievement, Impact Through Others Journey and Great Company Culture Journey. You choose the theme that interests you the most.

Receive your designed Nanohabits™


You receive your Nanohabits™ and related instructions by email. Nanohabits™ are small, yet incredibly impactful behaviours that propel you from average to exceptional.

Repeat your Nanohabit™


The aim is to repeat your Nanohabit™ every day. This is not as hard as it sounds -  repeating the habit takes only from a few seconds to 10 minutes each day.

Receive inspiration and reminders


You receive occasional reminders and inspiration packages by sms and email along your journey. We provide you with tips and strategies about how to make your winning habits stick. 

Optional: Personal consultation call from your Nanohabit™ trainer


If you want, your Nanohabit™ trainer calls you and provides you personal consultation. The available languages in this challenge are English and Finnish. 

Reflection of the Nanohabit™ Journey


In about 10 days, it’s time for a short reflection. You already have enough experience to evaluate if you find the suggested Nanohabits™ valuable and useful in your own life. If so, you can keep repeating the habit on your own until you adopt it fully.